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She likes to takecare of children experienced in taking care of neworn babies.Her salary ($600.2 days off,exclude 2 days off compensation) She is not afraid in taking care of pets dogs/cats.

(2010-2013) She worked in 4 rooms Condominium with Chinese family.Maam(37)Sir(37) and 2 children(newborn/3 years old).Her daily duties is to look after the kids prepare breakfast,give baby a bath,change baby diapers,make milk bottle feeding.She also do cooking,washing,ironing and house keeping.Both employers are working.

(2014-2016) She worked in 4 rooms HDB with Chinese family.Sir(47) and 2 kids (6/5) her daily duties is do takecare the children prepare breakfast,washing,ironing,cooking and marketing.She also bring and fetch the kids to school and bring them to tuition classes.Sir working.

Family details:Mother(46) Father(47) 4Sisters and 1Brother.

Single (30)
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She is like to taking Care Of Elderly/Children/ Of Pets (Dogs & Cats) Her Salary Is (($550/2 Days Off exclude 2 Days on Off Conpetation ) ) She can speak good english. she is not afraid of bigs/small dogs.

(She Has worked in S'pore With malay family) In flath house 4 rooms, 2 member in the family, 1 elderly (70M) 1 Adulth (45) years old. Her duty is only cleaning the house prepare the break fast every morning/prepare cook fo dinner/washing/ironing/marketing and do house keeping Both are employer is working.

(She has work in s'pore with indian family) in Condominium house 4 rooms, 3 member in the family 2 Elderly (80M/60F) 1 Adulth (40) years old. her duty is look after of ahkong (Beddrident) Have Body Cant Move,Walk Cars,shower ahkong,change the diapers,fedding,remaint to take the medicine,bring chek up,make the food for ahkong,prepare the break fats every morning and she also do cooking/washing/ironing/marketing and do house keeping.Everyday she at home with ahkong and are employer is workin.

Family Detail: father (70) mother (52) sibling : 6 she is no: 5 in the family.

Married (31)
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She likes to takecare of children/babies willing to look after elderly.Her salary( $550/2 days off exclude no days off compensation).She is afraid to takecare of dogs.She is good in Malay cooking.

(2014-2016) She worked in Singapore with Malay family in 4 rooms HDB.There are 5 members in the family maam/sir and 3 children(15/13/11).Her daily duties is to do cooking prepare breakfast everyday,house keeping,washing,ironing and marketing.Both employers are working.

Family details:Mother(62)Father(62) 1Sister and 2Brothers shes the eldest.

Married (34)
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