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She is Like To Take Care Of Elderly/Children/Baby/Cooking/Cleaning Her Salary is ($500/ Not Day Off) She is Afraid of Big/Small Dogs. She is Willing To Learn New Things.

(2010 To 2012 She is Worked in Jakarta (indonesia) With Chinese Family) in Bungalow House 4 Rooms 5 Member in The Family,1 Elderly(80F) 2 Adult (35M/30F) And 2 Children(4F/6M) Years Old. Her duty is look after Children,shower the child,make the milk for child,bring and send the child to school,and she also have help to look after Of Elderly ahma But still able to walk,help ah ma to take shower,remaind ah ma to take the medicine,prepare the break fast every morning/lunch and dinner and she also do cooking,washing,ironing,marketing,gardening,wash cars 1 week 2 time and she also do house keeping. Everyday she with ah ma at home and Are Employer is Working.

Family Details:Father(45)Mother(42)Spouse(24)Siblings:(F/23/F/17/F/14/F/4/F/4) Years Old. She is No 1 in The Family.

Married (25)
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