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  • Special Skill
  • Able to communicate, build and maintain relationship with people at all level. Fast learner, Responsible, Confident and Flexible with time to people

    (2004 To 2011 worked as a production worker ) (2011 To 2013 as a Sales Representatives)

  • (2013 To 2015 worked in United Arab Emirates as a Domestic Helper)

Single (30)
Ref: fa004
Upd on 06-Sep-16

Emily is fine with taking care of elderly, children and pets. She is asking for one off day.

(2014 To 2016 worked in Adu Dhabi with Arab family) She performs household chores such as cleaning, washing clothes and ironing. Takes care 66 year old elderly who is still mobile.

Single (26)
Ref: FA003
Upd on 06-Sep-16

She had worked in Arab in year 2010 - 2013 as a caregiver. She had attended 3yrs of nursing course in her own country.

She had worked in Bahrain in year 2013 - 2015 as a domestic helper. Her duty was to take care of children, cooking and housekeeping.

Married (39)
Ref: AEP500 [...
Upd on 13-Jun-16
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